Powder coating is used in a lot of different industries in a lot of ways. Its aesthetic appeal, chemical resistance, and corrosion protection make it a perfect finish for medical tools, cars, and even agricultural gears.  

Your items are coated with a layer that offers better protection if you pick powder over liquid paint. Texture, sheen, and color make up the customizable features of your chosen finish. However, people should begin the coating process by selecting the form of a powder that suits best their needs.  

Before you search online for “powder coating near me in Dallas Fort Worth TX”, here are various forms of powder coating you should know: 

Fluoropolymer Powder Coating 

This type of powder coating performs at the highest level in a particular application. Typically, Fluoropolymer powder coating is utilized in the architectural industry. This type of powder coating has great weathering properties. First, they’ve got a great resistance against corrosion. The color retention and gloss of Fluoropolymer are indications of its excellent durability. There are 2 main forms of fluoropolymer powder coatings. This includes: 

  • FEVE (Fluoroethylene Vinyl Ether) Resin 

This form is more common since they produce a complete-coverage powder coat with a single application. In addition to that, FEVE powders also perform better when used for exterior settings.  

  • PVDF (Polyvinylidene Difluoride) Resin 

You will have to apply first a primer if you use this type of fluoropolymer powder coating. It is a lot harder to bond for metallic coats with PVDF resins.  

Polyester Powder Coating 

When compared to other coating options, polyester has less resistance to the chemical. However, it is still a common type of powder coating due to its excellent weather-resistant property. They have a low cure temperature. That is why they are great for more heat-sensitive items.  

Urethane polyester and TGIC are the two forms of polyester powder coatings. Compared to urethane polyester, TGIC has a lower cure temperature. The other constraint on polyester urethanes lies in its minimum thickness. The reason for this is that it can have a peeling effect on the coating.  

Typically, this type of powder coating is used in different industries. This includes furniture and outdoor décor, power transmission, plumbing, and much more.  

Polyester powder coating is also popular because of its benefits. This includes a huge variety of color options, overbake resistance, cost efficiency, and much more.  

Epoxy Powder Coating 

Epoxy remains one of the most common finishes, despite being one of the first powder coats available. Epoxy powder coating is a great option for manufacturers in a couple of industries. This is because of its benefits. Excellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals and advanced durability are just two aspects that provide epoxy its value.  

Epoxy is hard. However, it’s only ideal to use indoors. It will lead to chalking, fading, and other types of deterioration if it is exposed to UV rays.  

There are several industries that utilize epoxy powder coating. This includes the production of natural gas, oil drilling, medical equipment, and much more. The benefits of using epoxy powder coating include excellent adhesion with pretreatments, durability, and uniformity.